Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do we set up sweet websites for streamers but they also get to keep up to 85% of their subscription sales each month! Unlike other sites that take at least HALF of YOUR money. We help streamers build their brands by providing opportunities to have their vision understood.

You will always have a single place for all your fans and viewers to go for everything you do. If you have ever had to switch streaming platforms, change social media links, or rebrand yourself entirely, you know how tough this process is and how easy it is to lose followers and engagement in the process. With a StreamPro website, we will always work to embed your new streaming platform into your website, update your social media links, and redirect users to new pages/websites, if need be, so your viewers never have to miss a beat. Read more on our blog post here.

We have a full pricing and feature comparison located on our pricing page.

StreamPro currently only supports Twitch at the moment, but we are developing many other platform integrations that will be available soon, including YouTube, Mixer and Facebook!

Viewers can support you by subscribing to your StreamPro website. Subscribers get billed every month and can choose different tiers to subscibe at.

Subscriptions are paid out via PayPal at the end of the month totaling up to 70%- 85% of sales. We are working on implementing some cool incentives for your subscribers and will keep you posted on that progress. This feature is only available for Basic and Plus members.

We place ads on your website and split the revenue with you. The more traffic you send to your page, the more opportunity to make extra money!

You can upgrade by going to your Account section and clicking the “Upgrade” button.

You can update your website information by going to your Account section, clicking the “Update Website” button, and filling out the form.

Everyone has the opportunity to be featured on our homepage! Just sign up today and you will be put in rotation. We also send out newsletters with Featured Streamers who are paid members and that reaches over 1000 people!