Setting Up Voicemeeter With OBS Using Single PC Stream

Initial setup using Voicemeeter with OBS using single PC stream and desktop/headset audio

  1. Install VoiceMeeter and launch the program.
  2. Setup Windows default audio output as Voicemeeter VAIO in windows audio settings.
  3. Setup your Mic input to Hardware Input 1 by clicking on “select input device” and selecting the WDM option for your mic. 
  4. Setup headphones to Hardware Out/ A1 in the drop down menu by clicking on A1. Select the WDM option for your headset device. 
  5. To setup PC audio output through your headset. Under the Voicemeeter VAIO slider enable A1 to push PC audio to your headset. After this step you should have the PC audio playing through your headset. Open up some music or a video and have a listen to make sure all is working. To adjust audio volume use the slider under the A1 physical slider. 
  6. To setup Mic output enable B2 under Hardware input 1 while speaking into the mic you should see the audio feed active in the B2 slider under Master Section/Virtual.  Just to check that you have audio, enable A1 under Hardware input 1. This will push your mic to your headset and you should be able to hear yourself talk. Don’t forget to disable A1 once your done testing.

*VM must be running while it is being used*


OBS audio setup 

  1. While VM is running open OBS
  2. Mute and hide any other audio that may conflict with the inputs you are about to add. Any screen capture/game capture audio that is coming from the PC will need to be muted in the OBS mixer since it will cause an echo effect you can also hide them once muted to avoid confusion(right-click>unhide to reveal al and undo the hide). If you are running an external capture card that audio source will need to stay visible and active DO NOT MUTE AND HIDE IT. 
  3. To add desktop audio from VM Select “ add audio input capture” name the input “Desktop”, In the device selection drop down select “Voicemeeter VAIO”. This will enable your desktop audio in OBS from VM. 
  4. To add Mic audio from VM Select “ add audio input capture”  name the input “Mic”, In the drop down select “Voicemeeter AUX”. This will enable your mic audio in OBS from VM.
  5. Now we want to test out your desktop audio source. Open up some music or a video and play it. The Desktop channel in the OBS mixer should be active. If there is nothing go back to VM and make sure it is coming through channel A1 under Master Section.
  6. Now to test your Mic just simply speak through it and watching the Mic channel in OBS mixer when speaking it should be active. 

After all of this you should be happily running your audio/mic through OBS with Voicemeeter. Enjoy!!!! Don’t forget to purchase VM if your happy with this amazing program. 


  • Download VM Potato here: https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/potato.htm
  • You may also add more outputs if your using speakers or a TV for audio. Just add them to the Hardware Out A2-A5 and enable them in the VAIO Virtual Inputs.
  • Voicemeeter VAIO is where you will control your desktop audio settings. All Programs/Apps running in windows will be mixed here unless routing Programs/Apps to other channels via Audio Router which will be covered in an expansion tutorial. 
  • You can assign your volume control buttons if you have buttons available to slider A1: Menu>Hook volume keys (for slider a1).
  • If your having echo problems go back and look through your OBS mixers to see if there is a 2nd source coming in. 


Special thanks to Korkapotomis (Corey B) for creating this tutorial. He is also a new StreamPro mod! Be sure to drop by his stream sometime and if you see him around the forums say hi!

P.S. Don’t be afraid. He doesn’t bite!


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