What Ninja moving to Mixer means for Twitch and You

Tyler Blevins, better known as the world famous Fortnite streamer Ninja, has recently announced that he will be leaving Twitch and streaming exclusively on Mixer from this point forward. This is a step in a bold new direction that we haven’t seen many streamers in the same league as Ninja take. Shifting streaming platforms on an exclusivity deal with rumors of a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract and leaving behind his more than 14 million followers on Twitch is quite an astonishing stunt!

Without a doubt, this is a huge win for Mixer as a streaming platform and will bring publicity and brand recognition to a platform that has been widely slept on. Mixer is owned by Microsoft, one of the few companies that has both the money and skills to compete with Amazon, which owns Twitch. Mixer has many, if not all, of the same features and services that Twitch provides, yet it has a fraction of the user-base that Twitch does.

The fact that Twitch has had recent bouts of controversy that only seem to be getting worse and more frequent, are banning streamers without proper due diligence and sending rather unprofessional emails, it might make some people question why they’re putting up with any of this when they can pack up their stream and head for another platform with the same features. At least, that’s what Mixer is hoping you’re gonna do, once you see that Ninja has.

Switching platforms can be a difficult and daunting task, which is why it is especially impressive that Ninja has decided to do so. Ninja is leaving behind his throne on Twitch as the most followed streamer and will have to rebuild his follower and subscriber count from zero on his Mixer account (as of this writing he is already close to 200k followers). Even someone as big as Ninja is going to lose many followers, subscribers, and viewers when switching platforms, which is an unfortunate downside of using these streaming platforms. After building a substantial fan base, you almost become locked in. Many people can’t afford to start from scratch and many people don’t get nice sign-on bonuses for switching like we can almost certainly say Ninja did.

Switching platforms doesn’t have to be scary or difficult or make you feel like you’re starting over from zero. Get a custom website with your live stream embedded today, and start promoting YOUR website when you go live, NOT Twitch. NOT Mixer. When you stream, that is YOUR content and YOUR viewers, why should you promote somebody else’s website?

You can still use your streaming platform of choice and get all the perks of using it, but it can be embedded live into your own, custom, branded website. Viewers can follow, subscribe, and chat right on your website, whether you’re on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube or anything else! You could switch between Twitch and Mixer for streams, and people would only have to remember your website name!

Ninja switching to Mixer should be an eye opener for the whole streaming industry. You’re never too big to change platforms, and you should start thinking about the bigger picture today. If Mixer can grab a couple more big names with some high paying contracts, how loyal will Twitch streamers stay? Whatever your reason for picking a platform, don’t let it be the reason that you can’t move or grow. A website is one way to make sure your stream grows with you, not the other way around!

Good luck to Ninja on his Mixer adventures!

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